About us

Your true business advisor

That's the EKS&H Advantage

Professional services firms all promise the same thing: expertise, quality, and personalized service. At EKS&H, we also offer our clients these same great advantages. But that's where the similarities between them and us end. You see, we believe a trusted business advisor should do much more than what's expected.

Focusing on your vital interests is our honored obligation. Along with independent, objective advice and deep expertise, you will get the help you need to think strategically and understand the possible implications of your decisions. We help you evaluate the options that are right for you – and when they're not, we'll tell you that, too.

For us, there's more to being a business advisor than simply providing solid recommendations. We want to help you make the right decisions and confidently accomplish your goals. To provide the guiding encouragement you need to conquer challenges and capitalize on opportunities. And most importantly, to see you achieve real success in an ever-increasing complex and global environment. After all, that's what being a true business advisor is all about.

Our mission

We are driven by a passion for our culture, people, and clients. We strive to help business owners and executives reach their goals by delivering proactive, innovative, and comprehensive solutions. As a firm, we are committed to the success and satisfaction of our clients by providing:

  • Timely, high-quality service that exceeds expectations
  • A team of experts who provide creative counsel
  • Personalized services and products built on business relationships
  • A networking base in the business community that serves client needs

We are dedicated to creating a corporate culture where everyone is committed to:

  • A spirit of fun and cooperation
  • The firm as a team member
  • Developing a sense of ownership in the firm and the profession
  • Quality and integrity within the firm and the profession
  • Helping our clients succeed
  • Developing professionally and individually
  • Open and honest communication
  • Firm growth and profitability
  • An awareness and sensitivity to the needs of our individuals and the firm