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Beyond your specific industry, we know that your type of business or organization has a unique impact on your accounting, tax, audit, technology, and consulting needs and we're prepared to help you. That's why we have specialized business and organization expertise to address the opportunities and challenges for entities like yours.

If you are anticipating a change to your business or organization such as going public or private, adding investors and owners, or buying or selling a division, we can help you prepare for the strategic and compliance implications.

It's never too early or too late to call us for assistance with your expected change.

The types of businesses and organizations we serve include:
Public Companies

Providing Nationally Recognized Audit and Assurance to Public Companies Nationwide

Executives and board members of public companies have more responsibility, accountability, and pressure than ever before. In addition to vital business priorities like growing revenue, reducing expenses, and staying ahead of competitors, regulatory compliance remains one of your most fundamental obligations. To meet this responsibility, you must communicate financial performance to investors and the market in a clear, comprehensive, and accurate manner.

At EKS&H, our professionals have significant experience providing SEC audit services to publicly held businesses headquartered in the Western U.S. and across the country. Fifteen partners and hundreds of personnel serve more than 35 public clients with market caps ranging upward of $1 billion. Plus, many more of our partners bring experience gained from their tenures at Big Four and other national and international accounting firms and their work serving public clients in nearly every industry.

We also serve as auditors for a number of companies that have done initial public offerings and other equity and debt offerings, and we are recognized by leading financial institutions as a "national" firm.




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CPA Firms in the Mountain Region


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SEC Smaller Reporting Filer Auditor


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* Ranking based on 50 largest US firms

As our clients will attest, we have the ability to respond rapidly to your technical SEC accounting and reporting issues. In addition, EKS&H is registered with the PCAOB, and our latest inspection report is "clean" with no deficiencies.

For more information about these services, please visit our audit and assurance service pages or contact Audit Partner Bob Bond. Bob Bond Audit and Assurance Services 
Closely Held/Family Business

Empowering Closely Held and Family Business Owners

Strategic direction and decisionmaking are different when your own company and money is at stake. We know closely held and family business executives and owners have many things to consider.

In addition to critical business issues like competition, risk management, revenue growth, and capital needs, privately held middle-market companies like yours must also think about technology, management strength, succession planning, and company ownership. To handle these kinds of challenges and opportunities, successful businesses rely on our independent and objective advice, guiding encouragement, and strategic recommendations.

We understand how private companies operate because it's 80% of what we do. Many of our professionals have experience working in the industry for closely held and family owned companies, so we are familiar with the accounting and finance, tax, technology, and operational issues you face. We provide strategic audit, tax, technology, and consulting assistance to help you innovate, drive value, and grow your business.

In fact, we are uniquely positioned to serve your needs. We offer the resources of a large firm but specialize in developing deep client relationships We invest the time to get to know you and your business. Our closely held and family business clients operate in a wide variety of industries, giving us a range of experience and insight that we leverage to assist you.

Our experienced professionals can help you move beyond day-to-day decisions, and determine a course to get your company where you want it to be both now and in the future.

For more information about these services, please contact Tax Partner Mike Grell. Mike Grell
Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Angel Investors

Giving Private Investor Groups an Advantage

Some professional services firms concentrate on the needs of private equity groups (PEGs), venture capital, and other private investors. Other professional services firms focus on the performance needs of portfolio companies. Working with a firm that concentrates too narrowly on, or lacks experience with, either of these is a risk, particularly in an environment where regulations are constantly changing and continually scrutinized. Unexploited investment value, mediocre portfolio performance, and inaccurate accountability of assets are just some of the dangers to funds and their investors.

At EKS&H, our private equity services team comprises highly technical and knowledgeable individuals with extensive experience serving both PEGs, venture capital, and angel investors and their private portfolio businesses across a range of industries. Many of our professionals have national and international public accounting firm experience and have also served as executives of privately held businesses providing the diverse financial and operational backgrounds needed to understand investment companies and increase their value. Our team also has deep expertise supporting both buyers and sellers before, during, and after transactions and can appropriately evaluate acquisition targets.

The advantages of working with EKS&H are our people and our processes. Our experts are involved in every aspect of accounting, technological, and operational optimization as well as any potential transaction processes. A collaborative approach ensures you not only receive vital financial information in a timely manner, but that you also get the best, most informed, and unbiased recommendations for your situation. Armed with our professional, strategic insights, you can meet and exceed investment and business objectives.

For more information about our private equity, venture capital, and angel investor services, please contact our Transaction Advisory Services Partner, Joanne Baginski. Joanne Baginski
ESOP Businesses

ESOP Expertise

With more than 10,000 ESOP companies employing over 10.3 million employees in the U.S., more owners and executives are determining that this business structure might be more profitable, productive, and advantageous for their organizations. To manage the unique opportunities and challenges of a new ESOP or those of a mature ESOP, it is imperative to work with an ESOP-experienced audit, tax, technology, and transaction advisor like EKS&H.

Enabling ESOP Clients to Achieve Their Business Objectives

We have extensive expertise working with ESOP-structured companies and a unique approach to helping transition to, and succeed in, this model. We spend time getting to know our clients, their goals, and their cultures. Our professionals provide a wide variety of strategic services, including:

  • Audit and review services incorporating industry expertise with specialized accounting knowledge (e.g., understanding the impact of an ESOP transaction on corporate financial statements)
  • Tax compliance and strategy for the implications of an ESOP on both the business and shareholders
  • Business consulting services, including feasibility studies and transaction and cash flow modeling
  • Business technology support comprising business analytics, intelligence, and performance management to help make better decisions and drive stock value
  • Performance planning to assist in understanding the value drivers of your enterprise in anticipation of a transition event
  • Deep industry expertise in nearly 20 areas, including manufacturing, distribution, technology, professional services, and construction

Our Reputation and Qualifications

To manage the challenges and leverage all possible opportunities of this strategy, ESOP companies and those considering this ownership structure should work with an experienced advisor who can serve their audit, tax, technology, and business consulting needs. The ESOP team at EKS&H includes more than 10 individuals experienced with serving organizations that focus on employee ownership. We are active members of The ESOP Association (including serving on the finance committee) and the National Center for Employee Ownership.

The team is led by Audit Partner Sandy Shoemaker, who is a national speaker on various financial and organizational issues faced by ESOP companies.  Sandy Shoemaker



Enabling Nonprofits to Reach their Mission-driven Goals

At EKS&H, our experienced professionals serve the nonprofit industry as a core part of our business—it is central to our company culture. Our specialists strive to become trusted business advisors to nonprofit organizations by providing informed and strategic audit, tax, and consulting services.

Whether your organization needs help with accounting, financing, technology, taxes, or risk, you can be confident that we will give you the strategic expertise and clear, solid recommendations you need to succeed.

Find out more about our nonprofit services on our nonprofit industry page or contact Audit Partner Ann Hinkins for more information. Ann Hinkins Nonnprofit Industry Page


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