​Bioscience and Life Sciences Expertise

Biotech and life sciences must balance a wide range of costly dynamics. Research and development, regulatory approval, and manufacturer contracting are all capital-intensive activities. Bioscience companies must also operate in a lean and efficient manner (especially pre-revenue) and consider future exit planning from day one. To achieve success, the best positioned biotech and life sciences companies are supported by a team of advisors who proactively help them seize opportunities through innovation, efficiency, and strategic partnerships.

Innovative Solutions for Groundbreaking Organizations

At EKS&H, we understand that bioscience companies need to focus on transforming abstract ideas into tangible products. Services that we provide our biotech and life sciences companies include: 
  • Audit and assurance services, including financial, internal control, and government contract and grant services in support of public offerings, private placements, and SEC reporting
  • Specialty tax compliance and credit/deduction optimization, including manufacturing deductions such as research and development (R&D), §382, §199, and transaction tax support
  • M&A consulting services and buy- and sell-side merger and acquisition (M&A) consulting services, including acquisition strategy, due diligence, and valuation
  • Business technology solutions for cyber security, software selection, and business analytics
The client service approach at EKS&H is collaborative, responsive, and flexible. We approach every client with the goal of building a deep and long-lasting relationship founded on trust.

Our Reputation and Qualifications 

With nearly 40 bioscience, medical device, pharmaceutical, and life sciences clients, we serve businesses and organizations that range in size and structure from pre-revenue start-ups to public companies with $350 million market caps as well as nonprofit research and incubator organizations. In addition, the 10 partners who serve these clients stay informed and aware of industry issues through their involvement in professional organizations such as the Colorado BioScience Association.

Talk with Our Industry Lead

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Regardless of the individuals or services, EKS&H always provides us the professional assistance we need. Their experienced transaction team is responsive and knowledgeable, and have been an integral part of the success of our transactions. They consistently offer in-depth insights beyond financial diligence that help us make better-informed decisions. Scott Hyman
Vice President - Corporate Development and General Counsel