2016 Healthcare Industry Outlook

In its 10th year, the EKS&H Business Outlook Survey has grown to become an informative barometer of executives and owners of middle market companies representing a wide variety of business sizes, industries, and ownership types. In addition, we provide further analysis on many industries in which EKS&H clients operate. Highlights from the healthcare industry appear below.


Businesses in the healthcare industry exist in an environment of significant transformation. Unknown future reimbursement rates, major new regulations, demographic shifts (an aging population), and technology developments have changed the way many healthcare businesses operate. Capitalizing on the demand that these changes present, many businesses in the industry grew in 2015. Looking forward, most businesses are expected to grow in 2016. Factors that will impact success include:
  • New and improved technology for detection, diagnosis, and recordkeeping
  • Federal funding for Medicare and Medicaid
  • Ongoing implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and increasing numbers of individuals with private health insurance
  • Shortage of qualified physician and nursing staff
  • Industry consolidation to leverage efficiencies and competition with larger organizations
Once again, healthcare industry respondents appear more optimistic about 2016 than those from other industries. While the healthcare industry faces considerable uncertainty, the foundation of the industry is strong.


The expected impact of technology on the industry, such as electronic health records (EHC), telemedicine, or other applications, has risen in importance since 2013. The active mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market also grew in terms of potential impact on the industry. Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement changes remain a top concern, coming in at third, following three years in which this was the top selection.

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