Nonprofit organizations are facing challenging times. Ongoing pressure related to donor and membership funding is coupled with increasing restrictions and obligations from other grant funding sources. Rapidly changing technology impacts service delivery. Adding to your anxiety are unexpected changes to the economy and government regulations. In this kind of environment, you need an experienced advisor who can help you identify and avoid risk and take advantage of opportunities.

Enabling Nonprofits to Reach Their Mission-Driven Goals

Many accounting firms support nonprofit organizations as an afterthought. Few serve nonprofits as a focus. At EKS&H, our experienced professionals serve the nonprofit industry as a core part of our business—central to our company culture.

Our team of experts strives to become true business advisors to nonprofit organizations by providing informed and strategic audit, tax, and consulting services. We know how nonprofit organizations operate, we understand your special needs, and we excel in delivering services that contribute to your success.

We currently serve more than 125 local and national nonprofit clients, which include:


  • Private and community foundations
  • Health and human services organizations
  • Professional associations
  • Museums and cultural arts
  • Organizations involved with animal protection and the environment, religion, and fundraising

Our Reputation and Qualifications

With more than 40 nonprofit industry-focused professionals and five audit, tax, and consulting partners, our nonprofit practice is larger than all the local "niche" firms as well as many of the nonprofit groups within the national firms. We are proud to work with many of the most well-known nonprofit institutions in Denver and throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Whether your organization needs help with financing, technology, taxes, or risk, you can be confident that we will focus on your vital interests and give you the strategic expertise and clear, solid recommendations you need to succeed.
EKS&H Partner Ann Hinkins

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