The Picture of Health: Improving Data and Reporting for a Healthcare Management Services Provider

March 22, 2017

Mark Richards | Consulting Partner

Mark has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, including application development (SDLC), application support, database administration, data modeling, system migration, enterprise reporting (BI), and data...

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As a management services provider to more than 1000 primary care providers, Physician Health Partners (PHP) undertook an ambitious, aggressive project to corral its growing trove of sensitive, complex healthcare data. The goal was to standardize health information across the enterprise in order to reduce the data processing burden and create consistent, industry-leading reporting around cost, quality, and utilization.

Client Challenges

  • Inconsistent data definitions: Healthcare providers often use different terms for similar services. Even the definition of a “provider” can widely vary.
  • Heavy compliance burden: HIPAA regulatory compliance is a continual challenge and a critical component of PHP’s services for busy physicians.
  • Data privacy and security: Yet another major challenge, especially for personal health information.


In cooperation with PHP leadership, EKS&H provided vital data governance expertise delivering a tailored program to empower data ownership and standardized data definitions across the enterprise. The program was a key contributor to the successful master data management project to better integrate and utilize PHP’s trove of healthcare information.
  1. Garnered executive commitment to data governance and empowered data stewards with ownership and accountability for reliable information.
  2. Established a program charter to define the scope of the initiative and outline critical action steps to successfully launch and sustain a data governance effort.
  3. Provided ongoing guidance and coaching as PHP took the reins and effectively standardized data across the enterprise and produced reliable information for business optimization.


  • Timely, accurate, and strategic information for PHP’s network of healthcare providers.
  • Saved more than 500 annual hours formerly spent correcting data issues.
  • Positioned the business as an innovator in its unique ability to integrate clinical health records with claims data — a valuable but elusive objective of healthcare information management.


“We were extremely impressed with EKS&H’s ability to understand our unique challenges, provide actionable guidance and to help PHP establish a successful and sustainable data governance program. They were responsive, collaborative, and a pleasure to work with. We are confident we’ve found a long-term business technology advisor.”

— Glenn Smith, Director Technical Program Management, Physician Health Partners