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April 6, 2017 | Mark Richards

​From the Desk of Mark Richards: Demystifying the Druids of Data

In this blog, EKS&H Consulting Partner Mark Richards explains what business analytics is and intoduces the EKS&H business analytics team. Read on »

March 29, 2017 | Edward Kim

Internal Revenue Code Section 409A: Compliance Is Critical

Deferred compensation and other plans where compensation is earned in one year but paid in a future year must comply with Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code, which governs the federal income tax treatment of such plans. Consulting Senior Manager Edward Kim explains what this could mean to your organization. Read on »

March 29, 2017 | Dan Domagala and Gabriel Cisneros

Eight Steps Nonprofits Should Take to Prevent Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks and security breaches not only affect retailers, financial services providers and technology companies. Nonprofit organizations are equally at risk. EKS&H cybersecurity specialists Dan Domagala and Gabriel Cisneros share tips for protecting your organization's brand and reputation. Read on »

March 17, 2017 | Maggie Kennedy and Peter Schoomaker

​Finding Efficiencies and Increasing Security in Your Accounting Department

How efficient is your accounting department? Do you know how much time is spent on non-value-add activities? What can you do to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality? In this article Maggie Kennedy and Peter Schoomaker introduce the idea of "lean organization" to accounting departments. Read on »

February 17, 2017 | Ann Hinkins and Lisa Meacham

Five Best Practices for Nonprofit Board Members

Although there are countless “best practices” for all variety of nonprofit organizations, there are recognized legal, ethical, and accounting practices that are expected of legitimate and well-run nonprofits. Adopting best practices not only benefits the individual nonprofits, but it also benefits donors, employees, and ultimately the individuals and communities that nonprofits serve. Read on »

February 16, 2017 | Paul Edwards and Adams Price

The Accounting Advantage: How Firms Should Strategically Assist Companies in Each Stage of the Business Lifecycle

Business owners usually understand the fundamental need for tax and accounting services throughout the life cycles of their companies. But they may not be aware that many tax and accounting providers offer more robust and strategic additional services, such as technology support, capital advising, transaction services, and investment banking that could provide an advantage.  Read on »

February 13, 2017 | Dan Domagala

​Formulating a Business Goal-Based IT Strategy

According to Info-Tech Research Group Inc., only 54% of business leaders are satisfied with their core IT services, 64% believe that IT must better understand their business needs, and 92% of IT departments claim their IT strategies are less than adequate. Read on »

January 31, 2017 | By Joanne Baginski

M&A Trends: 2017 Middle-Market Outlook

Although 2016 didn’t match 2015 in terms of the number and value of M&A transactions, activity was still brisk. Some factors contributing to the slight slowdown include political uncertainty in an election year; some unpredictable global geopolitical developments; and regulations, or the threat of regulations, which stifled some deals.  Read on »

January 23, 2017 | Dan Domagala

What are critical competencies for today’s technology professional?

​What are critical competencies for today’s technology professional? It’s a great question — one that comes up frequently as organizations seek the right talent for their evolving IT efforts.  Read on »

January 4, 2017 | Joe Puglia

Simplifying Systems to Achieve FDA Compliance

​The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Preventive Controls for Human Food rule is now final, and while compliance dates for some businesses began in September 2016, small and medium-sized businesses should be compliant by September 2017. Read on »

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