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November 7, 2016 | Josh Billiard

The Three Cs (and More): What Contractors Can Do Now to Get Bonding Later

For certain construction projects a contractor's bond is necessary. Meeting the requirements for a bond can take time, so construction company owners and managers should think about bonding long before the bidding process starts. Read on »

March 28, 2016

Setting up Accounting for a $400 Million Construction Project

When a Colorado-based developer began planning its newest residential real estate project, it needed assistance with its accounting and financial system setup and development. The goal was lofty: To achieve an “impeccable” back-office accounting system... Read on »

December 22, 2014 | RJ McArthur

Year End Strategies – A Foundation for Real Estate Companies

Depending on expected tax bracket in the upcoming year, there are many income and expense timing techniques businesses should consider as year-end approaches. The traditional strategy is to defer income into next year and accelerate deductible expenditures into this year if you expect to be at nearly the same or a lower tax bracket next year. Alternatively, if you expect your business to grow significantly, resulting in a higher tax bracket in 2015, you should take the opposite approach. Read on »

August 20, 2014 | McArthur and Justin Dodge

Repair Regulation Tax Savings - How Your Business Can Benefit

While there has been volumes written on IRS repair regulations, which govern when taxpayers must capitalize and when they can deduct expenses related to acquiring, maintaining, repairing, and replacing property, the guidelines continue to be complex. Rather than reiterating the rules and dissecting the details, at EKS&H we find it helpful to review real-life examples. Read on »

May 21, 2014 | Scott Gunter

Tax and Planning Considerations for Medical Office Building Development

The medical industry is changing: Healthcare providers are being challenged to cut costs, provide more proactive care, and offer more services on an outpatient basis. The industry has become increasingly competitive, prompting providers to create a more welcoming and efficient environment for patients. Additionally, ongoing decreases in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement have made providers more cost-conscious, particularly physicians. Read on »

April 7, 2014 | Shane Brown and Joanne Baginski

CFMA Building Profits: Strategic Compensation as a Competitive Advantage

As the economy recovers and demand for new work returns, a shortage of experienced and capable industry professionals – particularly at the management and executive levels – is hindering many businesses’ ability to grow. Competition to keep these valuable, high-performing employees is at an all-time high. A strategic performance and reward system is one of the most effective ways to retain your company’s top performers and grow profits. Read on »

April 2, 2014 | RJ McArthur

Implications of the Boardwalk Case on Historic Tax Credits

Almost four decades ago, Congress created the historic rehabilitation tax credit (HTC or credit) to provide an incentive for private sector investment in restoring older and historic buildings to productive use. The HTC program has been a shining example of a successful public/private venture.  Since the original enactment in the seventies, there have been numerous modifications but the net effect of the HTC program is to provide an indirect federal subsidy used to finance rehabilitation of qualified buildings.  Read on »

April 7, 2013 | Shane E. Brown and Andrew J. Steger

CFMA Building Profits: Key Performance Indicators Are Not Just About Profit

Imagine this scenario: It’s the 15th of the month. You have just received the previous month’s financial statements and you sit down at your desk to review the results. Flipping through the pages, the numbers seem off. Profits are three points below your expectations. As CFO, you pass the results onto the company owner and after a quick review, he remarks, “Costs should not be this high! What happened to labor last month? I thought we billed that project already!” Read on »

August 28, 2012 | Shane Brown

CFMA Building Profits: An Auditor's Perspective: Internal Controls & Subcontract Risk

The past four years of economic challenges have taken a toll on the construction industry, and many contractors have either failed or felt an increased risk of failure. Even though contractors are reporting improved conditions, many surety experts say that failures hit their peak during a recovery. Read on »

March 1, 2009 | Kent McSparran

Hitting the Panic Button in the Construction Industry: What Kind of Leader Are You?

As a business owner, you must remain calm in troubled times, but these times are unprecedented. Credit for commercial building has nearly dried up. Homebuilders continued to cut spending at a 23.6% annual rate during the fourth quarter of 2008. The world has slipped into a recession that could easily last two years or more. Read on »