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December 14, 2015 | Bruce Nelson and RJ McArthur

Tips for Retailers – How to Live Through Your Next Audit

In the rapidly changing retail world, executives have a lot to think about: the impact of multichannel sales, shrinking profit margins as a result of real estate and labor expenses, increasingly intense competition, and constantly shifting consumer preferences and loyalty. Adding an audit to the list of concerns means something else will undoubtedly suffer. The good news is that, with careful consideration and preparation, retailers can often avoid audits or at least survive them. Read on »

March 20, 2015 | Bruce Nelson

Sales Tax Traps for Retail Property Owners and Developers

Retail property managers have a lot of headaches, but generally sales and use tax issues are not the most obvious. After all, sales tax is something that concerns the retailers in the development, not property developers or managers, right?  Read on »