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January 11, 2016 | Mike Grell and Brent Hendricks

How Entity Structure Affects Succession Planning for Family Business Owners: What Questions You Need to Ask Now

Business owners have a lot to think about: product and service development, human resources, marketing, and sales. Maintaining the right business entity structure may not be high on the list and, even when it is addressed, may not be something business owners take the time to give a lot of future-oriented thought to. Read on »

January 2, 2015 | Vonnie Hergett and Clay Sparks

Medical Group Ownership and Retirement Tax Planning

Regardless of whether you manage a physician’s group, dental office, optometry practice, or any other kind of medical group, recent changes in the industry due to tax codes, as well as shifting economic and demographic factors, might mean that you should prioritize assessing your retirement plan. Lower salaries, employment preferences, and shifting ownership arrangements are just a few of the kinds of factors that are having a dramatic impact. Read on »