Risk Advisory

Fraud Prevention and Detection


It is estimated organizations lose up to 5% of revenue each year to fraud, and one in five cases involve losses of $1 million or more. Even just one occurrence of fraud can result in substantial fines and penalties and disastrous damage to your business’s reputation and revenue. Aside from embezzlement losses, you could be faced with significant legal costs and lost information assets. Despite this risk, few companies have implemented even basic strategies to prevent fraud.

Our fraud consulting and investigations services help your company prevent, deter, and detect fraud or misconduct so you can maintain the highest level of integrity.

Fraud Prevention and Awareness

When nearly 60% of victim organizations do not recover any of their losses, deterrence is the best strategy. Our program expands on fraud prevention to include entity-wide ethics and compliance programs, exemplifying your organization's commitment to the highest code of conduct. Our strategies include:
  • Internal control evaluation
  • Data security testing
  • Credit card processing assessment
  • Travel and entertainment review
  • AP/AR and billing analysis

Fraud Consulting and Investigation

In the event of a fraud occurrence, we conduct a thorough fraud investigation and recovery audit to gather as much information as possible through the use of computer forensics, data analysis, and other techniques. We utilize an investigative approach that's specific to your needs, which results in proactive and reactive process improvements and evidence documentation for claims filing. Should your business need it, we also provide litigation support and expert witness services.

The EKS&H Advantage

  • Reduced risk of litigation, reputation, or financial losses
  • Access to our significant knowledge of the U.S. Sentencing Commission's sentencing guidelines
  • Strengthened reputation demonstrated by a commitment to anti-fraud activities and policies
  • Strengthened mechanisms for internal control compliance requirements, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

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