Risk Advisory

IT Audit and Governance Advisory

In today's heavily technology-dependent business world, the scope of internal auditors has expanded far beyond controls surrounding financial reporting processes. To be successful, your organization should understand that effective business operations and compliance initiatives rely heavily on the integrity, reliability, and availability of information systems. It's no longer a "specialized" technology issue, but a business and compliance issue that requires an understanding of its impact on the financial reporting process all the way up to the your organization's governing body.

Integrated Audit

Because of the pervasive nature of technology in your financial reporting functions, internal auditors must incorporate IT understanding to perform a truly risk-based audit effectively, integrating all the benefits of automated monitoring and application controls.

We help you design integrated audits, whereby internal auditors and IT auditors join forces to properly assess controls surrounding information systems and operational and financial reporting functions.

The EKS&H Advantage

  • Efficiencies created by integrating two significant audit undertakings and, to the extent possible, abandoning the manual-intensive sampling approach
  • Improvement of the board and its committees' responsibility for successful IT governance
  • Clearer understanding of the role of IT and the risks inherent to financial and operational systems


Angela Appleby
In recent years, technology such as social media, analytics, and cloud computing have offered businesses a lot more opportunities to promote, grow, and improve. However, with these new opportunities come added concerns.

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