SOX Compliance

SOX Compliance


Whether your organization is a public company required to obtain Sarbanes-Oxley certification or a forward-looking private business seeking a competitive advantage, our professionals can help. Effective SOX compliance is complex and requires navigating changes to regulatory requirements, streamlining current controls to reduce the cost of compliance, educating process and control owners, driving program ownership, and reporting results to management and the audit committee.

A Proactive, Actionable Approach to SOX Audits

Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act states that management is responsible for obtaining reasonable assurance that no material weaknesses exist within the internal control structure and for including this information in the annual report. In many respects, taking charge of and organizing your SOX internal control assessment program in a manner in which your external SOX auditors can support is the most powerful and important step you can take and has important implications on enterprise risk management.

While we bring essential technical expertise and industry experience to this complex process, the most vital qualities we provide are a commitment to understanding your business and industry completely and a focus on meeting the unique challenges you face with regard to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

EKS&H Sarbanes Oxley ModelComprehensive, Strategic SOX Compliance Services 

Our SOX compliance services include documentation of:
  • Internal control design
  • Risk identification and assessment
  • Gap analysis and controls testing
  • Tools for continuous controls monitoring
Through an integrated internal audit and SOX methodology, we assess significant risks and consider environmental and monitoring controls to enable sustained, long-term compliance. Should material weaknesses exist, we recommend strategic methods for you to correct and retest them, including the replacement of non-key and/or manual controls with more reliable and effective automated monitoring controls.

The EKS&H Advantage

Our goal is to earn your confidence and to become your trusted business advisor through our customized approach and critical expertise:
  • Local resources – With more than 700 professionals, we are the largest CPA firm based in Denver, Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain region and the 5th largest based in the western U.S.
  • Industry expertise – We appoint experienced audit, IT, and governance subject matter specialists to every client, ensuring industry-applicable knowledge and insight. In addition, we have experience with Big Four external audit teams and advocate close collaboration to streamline the external audit process.
  • Collaborative approach – Our service is grounded in continuous collaboration and communication to ensure we meet and exceed your organizational standards and the requirements of external auditors.
  • Risk-based recommendations – Our recommendations are designed to address key risks specific to your business and steer clear of those that increase administrative effort without organizational benefit.

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