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Dynamic, evolving companies continually face ever-changing tax and accounting regulations. Beyond compliance, however, tax codes can actually prove to be an advantage to many businesses and organizations. With complexity at all levels, staying up-to-date on all the requirements – and opportunities – can be a challenge. Leveraging these highly technical and advanced tax strategies requires an advisor with deep expertise and innovative thinking.

Our specialty tax services provide you with a competitive advantage. They help you navigate new regulations and ultimately uncover statutory incentives to drive additional cash flow. Our full spectrum of advanced tax strategies include:
Multistate and State and Local Taxes
  • SALT Assessments
  • Tax Controversy/Audit
  • Credits and Incentives
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Credits and Incentives
  • Fixed Asset Incentives
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Manufacturing and Production Incentives
  • Sustainability Incentives
  • Hiring Incentives 
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International Tax and Transfer Pricing Services
  • Section 482 transfer pricing study
  • IC-DISC structuring
  • Expatriate and foreign national tax services
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Transaction Tax Strategy
  • Transaction cost analysis
  • Section 280G golden parachute analysis
  • Earnings and profit analysis
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