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Financial Planning and Analysis

A strong balance sheet, positive cash flow, profitability, and effective use of assets are the foundation of a business’s financial health. To maintain or improve that health, it is important to have an effective, efficient financial infrastructure in place — and to plan for the impact of your business decisions. Whether you’re expanding operations or divesting, experiencing cash constraints, shifting your business model, or making significant investments, EKS&H can help you understand the financial impact of these changes.

Increasing Success and Deceasing Risk with Proper Financial Planning

Planning for uncertainty and analyzing options are critical activities that help you increase cash flow, improve financial strength, reduce risk, and get the capital you need. We can help you make informed decisions by identifying financial drivers for your business and analyzing various scenarios. We can also help you communicate your company’s financial plan to shareholders, debt holders, management, and employees.

After establishing the financial impact of business decisions, we determine the root cause of problems; implement solutions that drive results; and identify strategies that can affect real change. 

Financial Modeling – Situational Strategy and Analysis

We can help through the following actions:
  • Improve balance sheet strength and cash flow management by managing working capital
  • Increase success rate of major business decisions
  • Optimize capital structuring and financial planning (e.g., covenant planning for debt and equity), and ensure compliance
  • Analyze sensitivity of changes in your business model and potential outcomes
  • Communicate financial plans to internal and external stakeholders and facilitate critical financial discussions
  • Assess the impact of mergers and acquisitions on the overall company
  • Implement an incentive compensation plan for management
  • Determine tax strategies and benefits, and identify payment timing 
  • Evaluate product and customer profitability
  • Performance management—ongoing budgeting, forecasting, and capital planning

Financial Modeling Process

EKS&H's financial modeling process

The EKS&H Advantage

EKS&H’s financial planning and analysis (FP&A) services offer clients a scalable solution led by CPAs and CFAs that will analyze and support your financial needs. Having worked on over 100 projects per year in areas including tax, compensation, cash flow, etc., you’ll be confident we have the knowledge to assist you. And don’t worry about unanswered phone calls or emails; we are committed to responding quickly and delivering what you need.

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We employed EKS&H to help us navigate a corporate restructuring…EKS&H provided excellent detailed analysis and an overall planning tool that gave us confidence…We would recommend EKS&H for businesses seeking to grow and change for the better! Cynthia Banks