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M&A Sell-Side Transition Planning

Whether your goal is to fund retirement, monetize an investment, or redeploy capital in a higher-growth area, you have a lot to consider when considering a sale. However, time might not be on your side, which is why you need to take the right steps to eliminate risks that could delay or derail a sale. Our experienced transaction services professionals can guide you through the unfamiliar territory of planning, preparation, and pre-transaction optimization to help you maximize value and ensure success.

Business Preparedness and Sell-Side Due Diligence

Through our multi-phased approach, we maximize value by aligning your goals with appropriate buyer types and highlight key drivers those buyers find most important. We identify potential financial or tax issues that could be resolved prior to buyer diligence or recommend ways to position issues in the best possible manner. We present you and your advisors with an objective view of potential deal breakers or purchase price adjustments.
EKS&H Transaction Advisory Services - The EKS&H Transaction Approach

Potential Benefits of EKS&H Seller Analysis, Diligence, and Integration Services

  • Prepare seller to develop appropriate negotiation strategies.
  • Accelerate time to close and minimize surprises.
  • Improve accuracy of financial information (especially when no recent financial audit has taken place), and prepare seller for document requests.
  • Identify potential adjustments that could positively impact EBITDA.
  • Increase possibility of competition between buyers.
  • Minimize impact of taxes on proceeds by strategically structuring deals.

The EKS&H Advantage

When you work with EKS&H in preparing your sell-side transaction, you gain an advantage from our collaborative approach, which focuses on strengthening your position in the transaction. You also benefit from access to our IDEA data-mining analysis tool and a rare breadth and depth of talented industry-experienced staff who understand the unique dynamics of your business.

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