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Post-Close Integration

When it comes to transactions, time kills deals. But fast pace and urgency might result in not enough attention paid to post-close integration, leaving the issue of how to actually make the merger work for later. Undoubtedly, this is a major reason transaction failure rates range from 50% to 80%. To address this risk, we have developed a suite of services designed specifically for the first 100 days following the close of the transaction.

Post-Transaction Success: People, Processes, and Technology

EKS&H integration services focus on planning for the new organization, hiring and developing personnel, updating accounting and financial systems, revisiting IT services, rethinking management compensation, and preparing financial projections and forecasts that help carry out the investment goals that drove the acquisition. It is this breadth of services that make our “Connect > Combine > Consolidate” integration service unique.

Companies that implement well-developed strategies realize their goals faster and more effectively.
EKS&H Pre-close, Post-close Strategy

The EKS&H Advantage

By utilizing post-close integration services from EKS&H, owners and investors can reduce risk to avoid costly issues that might arise later on and maximize synergies and value potential of the deal. We offer extensive experience (including experience gained through our own acquisitions) as an unbiased third party that can mitigate “political jostling,” turnover, and disagreement. Most importantly, however, shifting the integration workload to an integration team enables employees of both entities to continue executing core responsibilities so no momentum is lost.

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