Multistate and State and Local Tax (SALT) and Sales and Use Tax


The costs and complexity of state and local tax (SALT) and sales and use tax compliance have increased dramatically during the past decade. Businesses face added requirements, growing legislative and regulatory complexity, and increasing aggressiveness by state revenue departments. The danger of overpaying or underpaying is significant, particularly when considering the possible interest and penalties associated with these errors.

Our experienced tax professionals take the complexity out of SALT issues for businesses of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries. Our business advisors work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business. We consider factors that may be subject to nuances in SALT codes, including company location, customer base, product offerings, and specific product uses. From there, we're able to make strategic recommendations to reduce your risk and potentially decrease your tax burden.

Our comprehensive services include:
  • SALT assessments—Sales and use tax, multistate income and franchise tax, nexus studies, Forms K-1 for pass-through entities, special purpose entities, apportionment factor planning, intercompany debt, unclaimed property, and multistate payroll reporting and management reviews
  • Tax controversy/audit—Audit defense, including transactional analysis; interaction with auditors; workpaper review; tax controversy and dispute resolutions; reverse sales tax audits; voluntary disclosure agreements/negotiations/amnesty applications; and follow-up procedures to ensure future compliance
  • Credits and incentives—Industry-focused tax minimization strategies, maximized employment, training, enterprise zone credits, relocation and expansion incentives, tax process improvement, and automation with emphasis on controls

The EKS&H Advantage

  • More than 30 years of leadership experience in state and local, multistate, and sales and use tax
  • Training, education, and information available for your internal accounting personnel
  • Proactive advice and rapid responsiveness to your questions and concerns

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