Technology Consulting

technology CONSULTING services

EKS&H Consulting provides comprehensive business-focused strategies for information technology, accounting, transactions, and specialty tax solutions. Our collaborative team helps clients confidently make decisions to solve problems, seize opportunities, manage risk, and build value.

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Our performance management consultants work with your experts to solve planning, forecasting, and analysis challenges. More »

We enable clients with open, adaptive, and complete business intelligence solutions that provide a "single view of the truth." More »

Bring together your collective body of information to leverage value and drive business success. More »

We work with your executive team to learn about your business and help you understand what your system requirements truly are. More »

For all of the critical components of your technology infrastructure, we provide responsive, experienced, and talented staff to support your business goals. More »

Our project management services focus on objectivity, methodology, and collaboration with a business focus. More »

We assess your organization’s data and systems security and make recommendations that minimize risk. More »

We help incorporate current and future technology needs into your strategic plan and implement the data governance to support it. More »

Our training offerings enable employees to use software and data to help make better decisions. More »