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Businesses typically face a number of challenges with the budgeting and forecasting process. The process oftentimes takes too long, is too complicated, is riddled with errors, requires too many people, or should be done more frequently. Financial modeling to predict cash flow, working capital requirements, bank covenants, funding needs, sales, revenue, cost of goods, and operating expenses may not exist.

Performance Management at EKS&H

EKS&H’s performance management solutions span finance, sales, and operations. We can help you run your business more efficiently by streamlining reporting, planning, and analysis processes. We can work with any scenario, including those that require rapid analysis of large, dynamic data sets with multiple dimensions.

Our consultants leverage industry-leading tools to reduce the time and effort needed to collect, consolidate, and report on financial data. Our budgeting and forecasting solutions can help you:
  • Reduce and eliminate many manual processes
  • Integrate data from different systems
  • Remove error-prone consolidation
  • Clarify budgeting procedures, responsibilities, and timelines
  • Handle changes to budget assumptions
  • Follow up and analyze variances
  • Keep budgets up-to-date
  • Model scenarios efficiently and timely

Our Services

Management and financial reporting can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. It can keep finance departments focused on collecting and consolidating data instead of analyzing and driving business decisions. We help companies make better decisions by improving the accuracy, reliability, and transparency of their financial information through:
  • Management and financial reporting and modeling
  • Finance-focused dashboards, reports, and mobile content
  • Consolidations
  • Staff augmentation
  • Financial and operational planning expertise
Beyond the benefits of improved resource, material, and cash flow planning, dynamic budgeting helps organizations save time and money by increasing collaboration on a single platform and promoting knowledge transfer of processes across the organization. Our solutions enable:
  • Balance sheet budgeting
  • Revenue planning
  • Headcount and operational expense planning
  • Capital and cash flow planning
While no one can know the future with complete certainty, we can help you discover scenarios that are likely to occur. Our tools take information from a wide range of sources, resulting in the most accurate forecasts to help you make the best strategic decisions based on:
  • Full profit and loss (P&L) budgeting and forecasting
  • Expense and revenue patterns in future time series
  • Sales and inventory modeling
Predictive Analytics
When your business goals require more than guesswork, we can set up models and algorithms based on existing data and customer behavior to help you make accurate predictions. Predictive modeling can enhance:
  • Sales outlook
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable/collections
  • Risk management
  • Scenario planning

The EKS&H Advantage

  • Experience—Combining years of performance management consulting experience with the expertise of individuals who have been in your shoes as CFOs, CIOs, IT directors, and others, we are knowledgeable about proven methodologies and solutions to optimize your business outcomes.
  • Business focus—We think like business people, beyond IT. We tackle budgeting issues from a business mindset. Our solutions help you operate your business more effectively and efficiently.
  • Collaboration—Our approach is an iterative, collaborative process that promotes active participation and knowledge transfer across the enterprise.

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