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Organizations continually strive to make better decisions. Far too often decision making is plagued by inaccurate and inaccessible data, or an overwhelming quantity of data which is difficult to utilize. Data must be sourced from different applications consistently and quickly, be accessible from anywhere, and be truthful and trustworthy so the organization can reap the benefits of a "single version of the truth."

The EKS&H business intelligence team supports this ever-expanding information demand. We implement business intelligence (BI) applications that focus the right tools on the right users. We bring together technology, analytical applications, predictive analytics, proven practices, and attention to all stakeholders. We enable clients with open, adaptive, and complete BI solutions that can be maintained and expanded over time.

Click the image below to experiment with a live, interactive dashboard to get a glimpse of the wide range of insights business intelligence and analytics tools can provide.

Our BI solutions include:
Reporting, Dashboards and Scorecards
EKS&H has designed, developed, and implemented a range of reporting and analytical solutions that provide an easy-to-use system for effective business decisions. Our staff has the understanding and skills to provide the technical and modeling structure needed for a solid BI foundation.
  • Dashboards—With experience in designing and developing across all of the major industries, we know what works and what doesn’t. Our collection of proven practices ensures the end result will enable action to achieve the identified business goals.
  • Scorecards—The development of key performance indicators (KPIs) can be a challenging effort to undertake. Knowing the right questions to ask the stakeholders and the most effective way of presenting the information is paramount with scorecards. Our methods for scorecard development integrate the business and technical components of the process. You can pull data from many different systems, including, for example, financial, operational, human resources, and sales.
  • Ad-hoc reporting—A key goal of many BI rollouts is to enable business users with the tools and knowledge they need for data discovery, to build their own reports, and to do their own trending and analysis of information. Preparing metadata for business users requires not only a solid technical understanding of the data, but also a strong recognition of their business objectives. We can help balance the technical foundation with common business terms in a way your end users will understand and with minimal administration that your IT staff will appreciate.
  • Managed reporting—The managed report provides the backbone of decision making in most organizations. EKS&H can codify, enhance, and secure these reports, which are often in Excel and decentralized, to increase their value to your organization, partners and customers.
BI Tool Install and Configuration
From basic dashboards and standard reporting applications to multidimensional analysis and scorecarding interfaces, EKS&H helps organizations select and implement BI platforms that deliver the right information. In every implementation, we configure the BI applications for optimal performance and focus on developing standards that ensure a consistent user experience across your organization. As with any of our implementations, we not only give you the keys, but we show you how to drive and maintain your system properly.
  • Performance, security, and reliability—We ensure BI environments are configured so that they are scalable, fault tolerant, and secure. This includes deployments on virtualized hardware, integrating with third party components, and maximizing infrastructure budget. Since most implementations are different, we work with you on how the system is architected and deployed.
  • Upgrades—All enterprise application upgrades require planning, strategic execution, testing, and predictable deployments. We work with you on all of these matters, including understanding the benefits of the target version and a path to leveraging those benefits.
BI Technical Assessment
Business intelligence tools bring together your organization’s information from various applications so business users can search, visualize, analyze, and understand it in a streamlined manner that supports decision making.

We understand the importance of well-implemented BI technology to answer critical business questions, and we have designed a BI Technical Assessment that ensures your overall solution architecture meets the needs of your organization. The goal of the assessment is to identify issues, discover any “low-hanging fruit,” and present options for a roadmap going forward. Most assessments can be completed within a week, and your team begins to realize the returns immediately.

How We Do It

During the assessment process, we listen to your issues and customize a plan to meet your needs. Depending on need, we look at:
  • Application design—Framework Manager and Transformer models, report design and performance, and the security model
  • Architecture—Performance of network, server, cloud, database resources, and IBM Cognos BI applications
  • Maintenance and administration—Strategies for environment tuning, monitoring, backup, and migration
  • Licensing—Usage, license compliance, and latest capabilities for current license types
  • Organizational effectiveness—Resource allocation and alignment of skills to assignments, communication planning, report development best practices, and end-user additional needs

At the end of our analysis, we provide a thorough report with clearly articulated options and recommendations that support your organization’s strategic priorities.
​Predictive Analytics
You have built your data warehouse, you have compiled cross-departmental reports, and now it is time to put that data to use to help grow your organization.

Predictive analytics can help your organization improve business outcomes by utilizing data to predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter, data-driven decisions. In utilizing 100% of an organization’s data—pulling from both its successes as well as its shortfalls—predictive analytics utilizes the aggregate history of an organization to analyze where it has been in order to see where it is going.

EKS&H can help your organization:
  • Uncover unexpected patterns and associations in the data to help build models to gain insights and make informed decisions about complex issues.
  • Ensure your resources and processes are optimized to maximize productivity and profitability.
  • Perform advanced analytics, data mining, text mining, social media analytics and statistical analysis including regression analysis, cluster analysis and correlation analysis, data collection and online survey research, data modeling and predictive modeling.
  • Enforce and maintain business integrity by detecting suspicious activity and managing fraud.

The EKS&H Advantage

  • Experience—Combining years of business intelligence consulting experience with the expertise of individuals who have been in your shoes as CIOs, IT directors, and others, we are knowledgeable about proven methodologies and solutions to optimize your business outcomes.
  • Business focus—We think like business people, beyond IT. We tackle reporting and data visualization issues from a business mindset. Our solutions help you operate your business more effectively and efficiently.
  • Collaboration—Our approach is an iterative, collaborative process that promotes active participation and knowledge transfer across the enterprise.
  • Methodology—Our iterative development methodology provides quick wins and concrete examples to show stakeholders and users that we understand their business requirements and can effectively translate them into a best-of-breed technical solution.

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