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As organizations expand and change, technology systems often become either incapable of or inefficient at handling the increasingly complex business. These issues may hamper the growth you’re working hard to achieve. Given that thousands of systems exist for areas such as accounting, inventory management, manufacturing, POS, HRIS, and CRM, where do you start your search for a replacement?

Our staff is well-prepared to discuss your accounting system and ERP requirements with you and your team. Together, we’ll find solutions that resolve questions like these:

“The person who built our process manufacturing system no longer works here. What happens if something breaks?”

“Salesforce is our system of record, which works great for sales but not for financial reporting. Where do we start our search for an accounting software solution that works with Salesforce?”

EKS&H Software Advisory Process
Needs and Change Readiness Assessment
Working with you and your executive team, we complete a comprehensive examination of your entire organization, business goals, and business processes so you can understand what your organizational requirements truly are.
Application Selection and Advisory
As part of the system selection and advisory process, we provide several value-added services:
  • Business process definition and documentation
  • System requirements identification
  • Vendor management
  • Recommendations for solutions that match your unique needs
  • Software acquisition support, including negotiation assistance
Implementation Support and Project Management
Once you’ve selected a system and implementation partner, we can help you manage the system implementation process by providing:
  • Process re-engineering
  • Statement of work analysis
  • Independent verification and validation
  • Organizational change management
  • Project management support
  • Data conversion support

The Value of Working with EKS&H

  • Objectivity —We are independent from specific enterprise business software solutions including ERP, CRM, document management, web development, and ecommerce. You benefit from our unbiased expertise.
  • Comprehensive business focus—Our focus is your business, not just your technology. We make suggestions and provide IT support to help you reach your business goals and improve your bottom line.

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