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Technology should support your core business by helping you find new customers and serving existing ones more efficiently. It shouldn’t take you away from focusing on your core business.

At EKS&H, we work on the continuum of providing a few more resources to aid your existing tech support staff through handling all of your tech support needs. Each of our clients is different, and each receives a custom-tailored solution. We’ve successfully devised strategies that can handle these situations and more:

“Our mail server stops working about once a week. I’m not sure a full-time employee should take care of our systems, but we need support that’s consistently available.”

“We recently won several large client relationships, but I’m not sure IT infrastructure can keep pace. How do we assemble a game plan to tackle these issues?”

“At what point does it make sense to hire a full-time IT support person – or even two?”

IT and Cloud Evaluation and Advising
To help you determine the critical components of your technology infrastructure, we provide:
  • Current state assessment—Measuring and monitoring your company’s current system usage and identifying where it meets, exceeds, and falls short of your needs.
  • Future state goals—Discussing your business goals and determining how technology can help you reach them.
  • Technology planning—Evaluating the technology support and process needs necessary for you to achieve your technology capability goals.
​​Infrastructure Engineering
After evaluating your technology environment, our experts will provide unbiased recommendations for how to alleviate known and unknown pains in your organization.
  • Network implementation—Design and implementation of your network, including LAN/WAN architecture, DNS/DHCP setup, and perimeter security, such as firewalls and spam filters
  • Infrastructure upgrades—An examination of your current hardware to determine what is sufficient, what needs to be replaced, and recommendations for acquiring the necessary equipment
  • Cloud migration—Email, application, and infrastructure implantation in Microsoft, Amazon, and EKS&H private cloud technologies 
​Monitoring and Technology Support
From desktops to servers, we provide responsive, experienced, and capable staff to support your technology needs—either on site or off site. Technologies and process support includes email server administration, network monitoring, security and compliance, off site data storage, and mobile device support.
EKS&H Managed IT Team

The Value of Working with EKS&H

  • Scalable support—Regardless of your size, we can meet your needs. When your organization grows and IT needs expand, we’ll support that growth. Your needs are never too big or too small for our team.
  • Proactive guidance —We’ll work with you to make choices and implement strategies when opportunities arise. As your organization grows, we can help you assess current and future needs.

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