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Strategy, Leadership, and Data Governance


IT plays a vital role in every element of today’s business environment. As a result, strategic IT planning has become a critical need. Enterprises must think about technology investments as a strategic opportunity rather than a necessary cost and maximize outcomes in all areas involving IT.

Our strategies provide you a roadmap of actions to turn challenges into opportunities, and improve the performance of your business.

Local, national, and international businesses have come to depend on our experienced technology consultants because we deliver strategic recommendations in clear language. We focus not only on the technology systems and processes, but we also align those tools with critical business objectives to position your enterprise for success. Our services include:
Strategic Planning
Our strategic planning technology consultants follow a four-step model to achieve success for your IT function.
  • Understand stakeholders’ satisfaction with and needs from IT. Build a strategy for managing and improving IT services and support.
  • Evaluate projects from both a capacity and value perspective. Recommend strategic, business-driven decisions for IT resources and budget.
  • Align your team behind a vision and plan, and highlight quick wins to prove ability and garner trust.
  • Prioritize your most important IT projects and build action-oriented relationships with key stakeholders. 
Following this methodology, our technology consultants can help create an environment in which IT becomes an effective and efficient service provider and a truly strategic business partner.
Data Governance
Data is recognized as an important asset for most strategic businesses and organizations. In addition to its primary role supporting day-to-day operations, data plays a key role in measuring the value drivers of a business and identifying opportunities for innovation. 

Data governance is an information leadership strategy that will help your organization control data by managing the people, processes, and technology needed to ensure that accurate, consistent, and reliable data exists across all business lines within your organization.

Many organizations struggle to launch data governance programs due to a lack of commitment, data standardization difficulties, and poor business/IT collaboration.

To mitigate these and other challenges, EKS&H has a proven structured process and expert team to help you assess your organization’s readiness to launch a data governance program and provide actionable recommendations specifically tailored to your data governance vision.

The EKS&H Advantage

  • Objectivity—We are independent advisors focused exclusively on your success.
  • Experience—We understand how systems work. We see hundreds of business applications and know their history, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Business focus—We think like business people (beyond IT) helping you make business-driven decisions for technology investments.
  • Collaboration—Our approach is an iterative process that involves active participation across the enterprise.

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