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Training is one of EKS&H’s signature business technology service offerings. We offer IBM Cognos and Informatica training to organizations, delivered at your location, at exceptional value. Our training services lay a solid foundation to spur rapid delivery of information, which ultimately improves information access throughout your entire organization.

Why Choose EKS&H for Your Business Technology Training?

Our training offerings are built on years of business intelligence, performance management, data integration, enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation, software training, and business process analysis experience.

In our formal customized training courses, we work directly with your data sources instead of sample data sets. This optimizes the trainees’ time and further advances the business initiatives they support. Our training includes relevant practical tips rather than generic explanations of out-of-the-box functionality. We know business analytics, data integration, and enterprise software tools inside and out and understand what makes them different from other tools you or your developers might have used.

Our training services include:
  • Training needs analysis and planning
  • Recommendations for information delivery options (e.g. instructor-led training, step-by-step exercises, training database, job aids, online videos, and user guides, etc.)
  • Design and development of customized training and performance support materials
  • Training delivery
  • Train-the-trainer support
  • Training evaluation
Business Process Training
At EKS&H, we work with your subject matter experts to identify and document key business processes and best practices critical to your organization’s success. We then provide training services from planning to delivery to meet your organization’s needs.
Software System Training
Effective user-centered training is critical to the successful implementation of a software system, such as an enterprise resource planning or finance solution. We follow proven user-centered training strategies that integrate classroom training with performance support tools to support the diverse needs and learning styles of your users.

Our unique performance support approach provides additional material based on a “Just-In-Time, Just-Enough” philosophy that provides job task support at the moment of need, thereby reducing initial training time and facilitating the long-term operational success of your users.
Business Intelligence Starter Track
For organizations that are new to business intelligence (BI), we recommend the following BI Starter Track to provide new users with a good foundation on the IBM Cognos BI toolset. Courses include:
  • IBM Cognos BI—BI Installation and Configuration Services
  • IBM Framework Manager Workshop
  • IBM Report Studio Part 1 Training
  • BI Administration Workshop
  • IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced Training
  • IBM Cognos Introduction for Consumers Training

When beginning a BI project, it is crucial that the IBM Cognos environment be installed and configured properly to meet the demands and rigors of design, build, test, and training. We recommend at least two separate environments in order to isolate the development activities from the production responsibilities. We understand that clients may be limited on hardware and software licenses, so we’ve collected a series of best practices to support a collapsed environment as well.
Delivery Formats
EKS&H offers instruction in two formats: full training courses and workshops. Training courses are best suited to larger audiences (typically report developers and end users) who may be new to business analytics concepts and tools. Workshops are aimed at smaller groups of technically advanced users (such as administrators and advanced developers) who are looking for hands-on direction using a new tool on a real-life project.
  • Training courses—Each EKS&H instructor-led training course includes training materials customized to your data, printed course materials, report answer keys to tailored exercises that match the training materials, and course delivery at your training facility. We recommend 10 or fewer students per class to maximize individual attention.
  • Workshops—Each EKS&H workshop comprises one-on-one or small group coaching sessions (two to four people) on site. Your team can choose the subject matter of the sessions or follow the suggested topics listed with each workshop description. Every question from the class is collectively discussed, demonstrated, and documented. A workshop engages students in a real development scenario and promotes collective problem solving aimed at leveraging each team member’s experience to ramp up team knowledge rapidly.

The EKS&H Advantage

EKS&H trainers have spent time in multiple customer-facing roles covering a wide variety of business systems and data sources. Our experience leading business analytics implementations provides the know-how to accurately respond to any question—even those not contained in the course materials.

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