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Navigating the complex and personal dynamics of an extended family in relation to your personal wealth can be extremely difficult. Painful hurdles families often face can include significant generational differences, variance in personal values, conflicting philanthropic missions, and divergent views on legacy, just to name a few. In the face of these obstacles, many individuals forget that your family is your biggest investment. These challenges must be considered and carefully addressed in a variety of situations, including business transactions, estate planning, prenuptial agreements, and many more.

Family Building: Between Parenting and Grandparenting

Family Building answers the question, “What plans do you have with your adult children?” In partnership with the Ron Law, MD, Family Building Institute, EKS&H is proud to provide clients a variety of informative and educational opportunities to “build family” and develop governance strategies. Clients can learn about Family Building in Dr. Law’s 7-Step Guide:
  1. Grow your knowledge
  2. Start young
  3. Discover the mission
  4. Create your program
  5. Fund the process
  6. Execute execute
  7. Enjoy the ride

Meaningful Conversations

Fundamental to Family Building is having "Meaningful Conversations" that are important to both generations. Once effective generational conversations take place, generational challenges can be overcome.

EKS&H has partnered with Dr. Law to develop unique Meaningful Conversations for EKS&H clients. In addition to these Meaningful Conversations, our experienced EKS&H wealth advisory professionals will assist clients by facilitating other kinds of family meetings, including group goal setting, family education planning, philanthropic decision making, and more.

Family Building Meaningful Conversations center around five areas:
  • The essence of family
  • Family financial matters
  • Family as a complex organization
  • Family wealth challenges
  • Politics
Working together, our team can help you determine the right course for successful family wealth management.

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