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Managing family finances can be as complex as running a business. Administration of personal financial matters; detailed recordkeeping; reporting information for budgeting and planning; facilitating family meetings; insurance management, including life, property, casualty, and collectibles; and accounting solutions are just some of the issues a family office can help alleviate.

Administering Personal Finances

Our knowledgeable family office team can assist with the administration of family foundations, ranches, aircraft, and passive business operations. We can help you with your personal financial affairs so you understand and maintain the various aspects of your family wealth. Some of our family office services include:
  • Administering personal financial matters, including day-to-day payment of expenses, such as credit cards
  • Detailed record keeping; electronic filing; and reporting, including account reconciliation and personal financial statements
  • Providing family members with detailed financial information necessary for budgeting and proactive planning
  • Coordinated planning for individual family members and related business entities (e.g. loans, investments, estate, and income tax)
  • Accounting solutions for family foundations, trusts, and passive business operations
We utilize robust niche accounting software specifically designed for family offices. Through our tools, you receive a complete, real-time snapshot of your financial situation. This real-time view helps us provide detailed and comprehensive financial and estate planning services and enables us to closely monitor progress toward financial goals. Plus, you can store documents, including your wills, stock option agreements, partnership agreements, and tax returns, electronically so all of your important information is easily accessible. Working with us for your family office needs, you also benefit from collaboration with our firm's tax, audit, and consulting groups for additional requests, such as entity structuring and due diligence services.

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