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Financial Planning


There are countless variables in developing a sound financial plan for you and your future. EKS&H clients can count on the experience and authenticity of our wealth advisory professionals, a team of experts in many disciplines, to anticipate and guide them through a myriad of challenges and opportunities. We build long-term relationships and listen first to develop a plan that is just right for you.

Building a Successful Future

Just as each of our clients have unique history for how they arrived where they are, they also have unique goals and definitions for their future success. With knowledgeable advice from our seasoned professionals and advanced technical tools, we are able to provide clients a complete and real-time snapshot of their entire financial portfolio and deliver ongoing analysis of progress toward your personal financial goals.

Our financial planning services include:
  • Planning for public or private compensation and income events and deferral strategies
  • Reviewing retirement needs and overall capital sufficiency
  • Advising on the implications of investment and diversification strategies
  • Planning for liquidity events of current and future generations
  • Testamentary and strategic lifetime estate planning, including document review
  • Developing strategies for gift and estate tax.
eMoney Advisor is a web-based financial and wealth planning tool that provides a complete snapshot and single access point of your entire financial portfolio. This allows us to provide detailed and comprehensive financial and estate planning services and enables us and you to more closely monitor the progress toward financial goals. You can store all of your documents electronically in the Document Vault, including your wills, stock option agreements, partnership agreements, and tax returns.

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Jeff Belair
Successful planning, implementation, and follow through of a wealth advisory strategy require knowledge, experience, and the right character to instill confidence in clients. These strategies provide comfort to individuals who can be confident their and their families’ goals will be achieved and risk and cost will be managed. 

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