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Philanthropy Guidance


Determining the philanthropic legacy you wish to leave, and when and how to achieve that through strategic charitable giving, is one of the most important aspects of a holistic wealth advisory plan. Individuals and families often have multiple interests and causes, and organizations differ in the types and methods of support from which they might benefit. Furthermore, there is an ever growing number of nonprofit causes, organizations, and efforts. Identifying which will most benefit from your passion and support, and when, can be overwhelming.

Managing Your Legacy

Our personal, customized approach to your philanthropic goals and objectives ensures we can assist you with a comprehensive and impactful strategy to support your personal legacy in exactly the way you want.

At EKS&H, our philanthropic support services include:
  • Defining personal mission statements
  • Structuring unique gifts, including personal property, investments, real estate, closely held business interests, and collections
  • Balancing multi-generational objectives
  • Determining personal philanthropic objectives for both current and deferred giving, while balancing income and transfer tax strategies

Talk with Our Service Area Lead

Connect with Jeff Watkins to discuss your philanthropy guidance options.


EKS&H News
Jeff Watkins was honored by The Denver Foundation for his work in estate and charitable planning. The Award recognizes professional advisors who have distinguished themselves as champions of philanthropy and the charitable community. 

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