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Wealth Transfer Planning


The challenges of preserving wealth from one generation to the next, and ensuring you choose your own legacy, can be significant. Identifying your personal and family wealth transfer goals and determining strategies to meet these goals is the very core of the estate planning services we provide.

Strategies to Transition Wealth

Our wealth advisory professionals help clients develop plans for generating long-term financial success and family consensus. Among our services for wealth transfer planning are:
  • Identifying and reviewing your personal goals and objectives
  • Providing an education-based, customized solution to meet your family’s specific needs
  • Creating a customized blueprint that helps clients evaluate their options and address their needs
  • Administer the access, ownership, control, and assets left to heirs
  • Individual and family asset ownership issues, including the challenge of “fair versus equal”
  • Managing the interaction between the transfer tax system and the income tax system
Our experienced wealth advisory practice has tackled these challenges with countless families just like yours. You benefit from our experience and client-focused approach. We know the solutions that will or will not work for you.

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Patrick McFarlen
Proposed 2704 regulations concerning the valuation of interests in corporations and partnerships for estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer tax purposes warrant significant planning considerations. 

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