Outdoor and sporting goods expertise

The outdoor and sporting goods industry might benefit from increasingly health conscious consumers, growth in activity participation, and improved disposable income. However, with challenges like product seasonality, industry consolidation, inventory efficiency, and global competition, successful executives require experienced advisors to help them determine the best strategies to win. 

Developing a Game Plan Based on Experience

With 300 days of sunshine and mountains in our backyard, serving this industry is in our nature. Based on our extensive history serving all kinds of manufacturers, we offer a variety of accounting, financial, technology, and consulting solutions, including: 


Our Reputation and Qualifications

Many of our hundreds of manufacturing clients operate in outdoor and sporting goods industries, including athletic goods, active apparel, sports and fitness, and equipment manufacturing. These clients represent industry-leading brands and as well as early stage rapidly growing businesses.

We are active members and proud supporters of many industry organizations, including the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

Talk with Our Industry Lead

Connect with Brad McQueen to discuss our outdoor and sporting goods industry services.

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