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As companies grow, borders cease to be barriers. Our highly technical, knowledgeable professionals will guide you through the complexity of doing business on an international scale with our comprehensive solutions. Whether your business is expanding globally in the pursuit of new markets, capital and financing opportunities, supply chain efficiencies, or because your customers are pulling you there, EKS&H can help.

Capitalize on Opportunities Around the World

Our International Advisory Group (IAG) is comprised of experienced accounting, tax, and consulting professionals ready to assist you—no matter where you do business—with strategies and connections for global growth. Our International Advisory Group has assembled services and resources to assist with a wide variety of issues including: Our IAG services include:
Location Analysis and Site Selection
The complex and time consuming process for identifying the best location for international expansion is a daunting and risky task. In fact, for every one successful market entry, the commonly-held understanding is that four fail. The EKS&H IAG offers in-depth analysis on a myriad of critical variables including:
  • Supply chain and customer location
  • Employment and labor environment
  • Tax rates and incentives
  • Ease of doing business ranking
  • Government and political conditions and regulations
  • Real estate opportunities
Business Rankings
International Tax
The rise of multinational trade has triggered increased scrutiny from international tax authorities. Complying with the differing regulations and restrictions of these various taxing jurisdictions has become more and more difficult as each new global market, international investor, and multi-branch enterprise introduces new tax planning and compliance challenges. To respond to these demands and to leverage all possible tax strategies, a trusted professional partner with extensive international transfer pricing experience and a network of global relationships can make a world of difference.

The tax experts in our International Advisory Group can provide you with documentation, risk assessment, planning and consulting, and dispute resolution services. In addition to the services described below, more than 150 international tax clients receive support that includes:
  • Foreign tax credits
  • Controlled foreign corporation assistance
  • Inbound and outbound international business structuring
  • Value added tax (VAT)/Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST) minimization
  • Extraterritorial income exclusion
IC-DISC Incentive
With rapid global expansion, U.S. manufacturers and service providers must pay constant attention to increasing costs, and decreasing profit margins. One strategy for global businesses to combat this is to form an IC-DISC, a simple and inexpensive U.S. export incentive that can achieve federal tax savings of up to 15.8%.

As recognized tax strategy leaders, the International Advisory Group has assisted more than 50 clients with IC-DISC formation. Services related to this strategy include:
  • Modeling overall benefit of an ID-DISC for your specific business
  • Determining the ideal structure for your IC-DISC
  • IC-DISC formation
  • Preparing tax election to treat the corporation as an IC-DISC (Form 4876-A)
  • Assisting with commission agreement and commission calculation
  • Preparing the annual tax return required for IC-DISC (Form 1120 IC-DISC)
Transfer Pricing
As supply chains become increasingly international, and more mergers and acquisitions involve multinational businesses, transfer pricing tax strategies are a particularly valuable strategy. However, intense governmental pressures to protect their income base have made transfer pricing the focus of a growing number of tax investigations. Appropriate documentation can allow companies to structure business operations and reduce overall tax liability in an efficient manner, while complying with regulatory requirements.

The International Advisory Group offers transfer pricing services that include:
  • Documentation
  • Risk assessment
  • Planning and consulting
  • Dispute resolution

By working with the experts at EKS&H on your transfer pricing policies, you can potentially reduce income taxes, resulting in improved cash flow management, ensuring a beneficial and compliant tax position.
Expatriate and Foreign National Tax Services
As companies expand globally, sending employees from their home countries to foreign countries enables businesses to capitalize on emerging markets while limiting the investment of hiring large, local management staff. The International Advisory Group at EKS&H offers the full range of expatriate and foreign national tax services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your company and your global workforce, from the pre-assignment/hire planning through the repatriation/post-assignment phase.

Our tax compliance services include: individual returns, equalization, and tax protection; analysis of and proactive planning for compensation, bonus plans, stock options/equity, and pension plans; foreign bank account reporting; and state and national residency determination and documentation.

Our tax consulting services include: advice and proactive planning for international assignments and repatriations; projections to budget and manage the expenses related to international assignments; withholdings calculations and assistance with payroll forms; and ongoing coordination with global mobility programs and their employees throughout the assignment.

Leverage our International Affiliates and Partnerships

Complementing our in-house expertise are affiliations with The Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), the second largest international professional association and PKF International, the 15th largest international professional network. Combined, these relationships offer our clients access to more than 35,000 professionals in 1,000 offices in countries around the world. 

In addition, we have created alliances with several key partner firms, such as Fitzgerald & Law in the U.K., to better serve clients in specific regions including Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

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