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December 5, 2017

Restoring Confidence: Small Public Financial and Insurance Services Company Catches Up on Lagging Financial Reporting

Since the financial crisis in 2008, Jacobs Financial Group, Inc., a small public company with expertise in financial and insurance services for mining industry clients, had fallen behind on its reporting. Constrained by limited resources, CEO John Jacobs contacted EKS&H in a pinch for assistance with required audited financial statements to bridge the four-year reporting gap the company was facing.  Read on »

November 16, 2017

Building in a Bust: Investment Company Achieves Success With Growth-Through-Acquisition Model

In early 2011, Kodiak Building Partners CEO Steve Swinney witnessed the real estate market bust and saw an opportunity based on a future rebound. He acquired a platform company and set out to grow it by buying additional building products distributors. However, his lean team of five people lacked the capacity to complete thorough, data-based financial and tax due diligence on all targets. EKS&H stepped in to perform this critical function, helping Steve and his team make smart purchasing decisions.  Read on »

June 7, 2017

​A Toast to Growth: Accomplished Distiller Receives Critical Valuation Enabling Greater Success

As a rapidly growing business in the booming craft distilling industry, Laws Whiskey needed a way to incentivize employees and help with strategic tax planning in the company's continuing expansion efforts. To ensure transparency and accuracy within these initiatives, the company hired EKS&H Transaction Advisory Services to perform a valuation.  Read on »

June 1, 2017

​The Right Call: Telecommunications Company Transitions SOX 404 Compliance

A large telecommunications company headquartered in Denver, Colorado was looking to transition its SOX 404 compliance initiative from internal resources to a nationally recognized firm. The business needed a controls rationalization exercise that would enable an objective advisor to evaluate whether it had the right controls in place to meet its SOX 404 Management Assertion. Read on »

June 1, 2017

​Gaining Control: EKS&H Provides Objective Evaluation for Meeting SOX 404 Management Assertion

A large manufacturing and distribution company headquartered in Denver, Colorado was looking to transition its SOX 404 compliance initiative from outsourced consultants to a larger nationally recognized firm that could grow with the business. The operation needed a rationalization exercise that would enable an objective advisor to evaluate whether they had the right controls in place to meet their SOX 404 Management Assertion. Read on »

May 26, 2017

Taking the Bull by the Horns: Software Advisory and Process Assessment for a Food and Beverage Manufacturer and Distributor

When a private investor acquired a $15 million meat processing company, he identified several critical opportunities for improved inventory management, customer service, and ultimately profitability.  Read on »

April 13, 2017

Just the Right Dose: Accurate Inventory Costing for Pharmaceutical Transaction

​As a rapidly-growing medical nutrition company prepared to acquire a procurement and manufacturing facility, management recognized the need for accurate inventory costing and profitability information to get the deal done. Having this information was critical to the client’s ability to obtain financing to fund the purchase. Read on »

March 22, 2017

The Picture of Health: Improving Data and Reporting for a Healthcare Management Services Provider

As a management services provider to more than 1000 primary care providers, Physician Health Partners (PHP) undertook an ambitious, aggressive project to corral its growing trove of sensitive, complex healthcare data. Read on »

November 10, 2016

Redesigning Best Buy Canada’s Planning System

Best Buy Canada, a leading North American electronics retailer, wanted to update its existing retail budgeting and forecasting tool. It sought a solution that could provide more flexibility and better response time in the store-level annual operating plan and mid-year forecasting processes.  Read on »

October 27, 2016

Halving the PEG Purchase Price through Strategic Due Diligence for Carve-out Acquisition

When an East Coast private equity group (PEG) sought to acquire one segment of an IT consulting firm, it required a due diligence partner that could help it understand the carve-out financial statement and operations. Read on »

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