Stepping into the Future: Western U.S. Construction Company Upgrades ERP for Mission-Critical Implementation

February 12, 2018

GH Phipps is a 65-year-old construction company experiencing continued growth serves Colorado and surrounding states. A strategic objective for 2017 was upgrading the organization’s outdated enterprise resource planning software (ERP). GH Phipps turned to EKS&H for this critical project based on the company’s understanding of the construction industry and experience in the adoption and implementation of complex ERPs. 

Client Challenges

  • Lack of standardized processes. Over the span of 15 years using the current ERP, all users were not using standardized business processes. Users found it difficult to navigate through the ERP and created numerous workarounds.
  • Customized application. GH Phipps had made significant investments to customize many reports and application screens.
  • End of life for support. GH Phipps was working on an older version of the product and was at risk of being unsupported by the vendor
  • Lack of project management (PM) resources. Not able to dedicate an internal PM, GH Phipps needed an experienced IT resource to lead a successful implementation. 


EKS&H worked quickly to build a collaborative and engaged project team of internal stakeholders from multiple departments to forecast and mitigate issues and risks. 
  1. Conducted business review sessions and interviews and documented processes and reports, improving cross-functional knowledge of business functions and streamlining processes across all users.
  2. Executed the project based on the project plan and ensured that timelines, milestones, communication standards, and issue resolution were achieved. Defined scheduling activities to be performed and the parties responsible for scheduling those activities and developed a resource plan to meet the overall scheduling needs. 
  3. Managed the vendor, a large component of the project, as there were multiple pain points to address. This included working with the vendor to facilitate improved design process flows to leverage ERP functionality and streamline processes.
  4. Created and managed a cross-functional team for the testing and training of the new ERP to ensure that all end users were adequately trained and able to use the ERP after go-live. 


  • The project was delivered within scope and budget. 
  • Minimized the customizations of the ERP and helped increase ERP usage across the company. 
  • Throughout the project, EKS&H created highly engaged internal users who actively participated in training and issue resolution and have successfully adopted standardized ERP processes. 


“He not only directed activities and made sure we remained on schedule, but due to the level of understanding he developed, he was able to provide value-add suggestions and recommendations for improving the overall outcome of the project.

Throughout the entire process, our EKS&H PM remained focused, was stern when needed (yet remained tactful), and helped to hold them accountable.  We’re now live on the new system and the overall success of the project is in large part due to EKS&H’s involvement.”

– Keith Steflik, Director of IT, GH Phipps Construction Companies