EKS&H Audit Partner Ryan Sells Describes Changes to Accounting Profession (Bloomberg BNA)

November 20, 2017

In an article by Todd Cheney posted on the Bloomberg BNA Accounting Blog on November 14, 2017, that explains how the profession will rapidly transform in the future, EKS&H Partner Ryan Sells highlights the impact of computing on traditional accounting functions. The article goes on to describe a potential curriculum gap at colleges and universities that may not be providing accounting and consulting professionals a broad enough range of subject matter as fast as it is needed.


“There was a day when there was a full-time position to calculate depreciation,” said Ryan Sells, an assurance partner at the public accounting firm of EKS&H, LLLP at the 2017 AICPA Healthcare Conference.

“Now that is something we can put into a system and it spits it out in five minutes. We don’t need someone to spend their entire day doing that. Clearly, we are looking for different kinds of workers with a more technology focus.”
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