Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services


Transactions are never simple. Executives and investors face significant risk, rapidly changing dynamics, and compounding complications. As a result, many deals leave value on the table and many more never even close. As one of the top transaction advisory services practices in the western U.S., EKS&H has helped hundreds of premium brand businesses and private equity groups (PEGs) take the right steps along the way.

Day One to Deal Done.

During all steps of the process—initial strategy and planning, comprehensive due diligence, structuring, close, and post-close integration—our transaction advisory services team helps each client achieve the most favorable valuation and complete the optimal deal for its specific situation.

Support for All Your Transactions

We have more than 25 dedicated transaction advisory consultants available with deep technical accounting, finance, tax, and industry knowledge, so we can identify issues and opportunities others might miss. We use advanced data mining software and research tools to provide key insight into the numbers and maintain relationships with a team of experienced attorneys, investment advisors, bankers, and lenders to offer strategic advice. Our collaborative, responsive approach, which is based on constant communication, helps avoid costly mistakes before they happen.

Our transaction advisory services include:
M&A Buy-Side Due Diligence
Whether you want to create new growth and opportunity through a stronger financial position, increased market share, an expanded product line, or deeper technical expertise, maximum transaction value is our singular goal. More »
M&A Sell-Side Preparedness
EKS&H provides a collaborative approach that strengthens your position in the transaction, with objective data-mining analysis, combined with a highly experienced staff that understands the unique dynamics of your business. More »
Business Valuation
EKS&H has extensive experience helping clients recognize the forces that influence the business valuation of companies and bringing credibility and clarity to complex valuation issues. More »
Financial Planning and Analysis
Whether you’re expanding operations or divesting, experiencing cash constraints, shifting your business model, or making significant investments, EKS&H can help you understand the financial impact of these kinds of changes. More »
Post-Close Integration
By utilizing post-transaction integration services from EKS&H, owners and investors can reduce risk, avoiding costly issues that may arise later on, and maximize synergies and value potential of the deal. More »

EKS&H Transaction Advisory Services - Investment Lifecycle

The EKS&H Advantage

As a nationally recognized professional services firm, EKS&H provides the highest quality transaction advice. You can be confident in our services, which offer benefits based in four key elements:
  • Dedicated professionals with extensive industry, accounting, and finance experience
  • A breadth of resources, including 700+ professionals, found only in national firms
  • Technology and tools that provide greater understanding to all parties
  • Relationship-based service that is singularly focused on your strategic objectives

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