Tax Controversy


Even with a complex code that defines many aspects of tax assessment in detail, the amount owed can be subject to interpretation. If a federal or state taxing entity disagrees with your assessment, finding the right advisor to work with and settling on the appropriate sum may not be an easy matter. To minimize your tax burden, you need an ally who understands how each agency and court works and how to advocate for your position.

Helping Companies Resolve Conflicts with Federal, State, and Local Taxing Entities 

Our tax controversy specialists guide you through the process of interacting with taxation entities and the individuals with authority to resolve or negotiate the issue. We are focused on finding the relevant facts in each case and using and interpreting them for your behalf. We can also act as a go-between to help you understand relevant procedures. When cases go to court, we serve as trusted advisors to attorneys and always respect confidentiality. These actions ensure that your case is handled smoothly and swiftly.

​Tax Controversy Focus Areas

  • Finding facts to support the client’s caseIRS Chief Counsel cases
  • Consulting to determine the right strategy and position
  • Helping submit appropriate information 
  • Knowing when to work with the presenting agency officer or individuals at other levels and departments
  • Assisting with issues at the state and local level that arise around sales/use, payroll/withholding, property, estate, franchise, and other types of taxes
  • Conferring with attorneys to maximize confidentiality and protection
  • Advising on appeals and settlements

The EKS&H Advantage

  • Individual relationships with contacts at taxation entities and relation agencies
  • Experience in training CPAs on best practices for resolving conflicts with taxation entities
  • Involvement developing taxation laws and ongoing awareness of policy and court developments
  • Proactive advice and rapid responsiveness to your questions and concerns