We're Industry Specialists

True business advisors know more than their clients’ businesses. They also understand what’s going on in the industry. They watch the operating environment, study trends, and identify opportunities. At EKS&H, we study, learn, and understand every industry in which our clients operate. After all, it’s this comprehensive knowledge that enables us to deliver the guidance and proactive solutions you need to succeed.

We provide full audit, tax, and consulting services to automobile, heavy equipment, rental, fleet, and sales and service businesses.

We help biomedical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and research and development organizations turn abstract ideas into tangible products.

Our audit, tax, and consulting services address the specific needs of the clean tech and alternative energy industries.

Our construction experts have the capability to help you achieve your goals in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, public works, and utility construction.

We help our distribution industry clients stay ahead of the competition with a unique blend of audit, tax, operations, technology, and transaction services.

Our expertise and experience in the education area will help your organization improve technology, operations, financials, and overall performance.

Our audit, tax, and consulting advisors provide advanced planning and analysis, transaction support, and financial optimization for the financial services industry.

We provide nationally recognized, highly technical audit, tax, technology, and operational support to franchisors.

Our proficiency, experience, and commitment to government contracting means we go beyond the traditional role of accountant and tax advisor.

We leverage our understanding of market dynamics to identify opportunities and prescribe advanced audit, tax, and consulting strategies to our healthcare clients.

Our hospitality team provides five-star audit, tax, and consulting solutions to hotels, casinos, condos, private clubs, and more.

Our diverse team provides accounting and technology expertise in compliance, capital strategy, globalization, and industry changes to a full range of manufacturing clients.

Whether you are mining coal or precious metals, our nationally recognized partners and team of over 50 experts provide you with the best strategic position.

Serving over 100 local and national nonprofit clients, we help minimize risk and find opportunities for success through our audit, tax, technology, and consulting services.

As one of the largest dedicated oil and gas groups in the region, we advise enterprises engaged in exploration, development, midstream, and field service activities.

Our team serves the audit, tax, technology, and consulting needs of professional services clients ranging from sole practitioners to major regional and national firms.

With one of the largest real estate practices in the western U.S., we serve clients working in investment, property management, brokerage, title, and escrow activities.

Our strategic solutions help technology companies in the areas of SaaS applications, social media, cloud, data storage, hardware, and microelectronics.