Maintaining Your TM1 Server: Clear Out Your Old Log Files

February 13, 2017 | Mary Crist

One simple area of IBM Cognos TM1 Server maintenance that is frequently overlooked is the clearing of old log files that, if left unchecked, will ultimately eat up server disc space. Once that happens, the TM1 application will no longer accept inputs and will cease to function properly.

By creating a simple windows batch file that deletes the old TM1 server logs, TM1 administrators can safeguard their TM1 environments and ensure that their servers don’t run out of physical disc space.  This batch file can easily be called from a TurboIntegrator (TI) process and scheduled through a chore to execute on a regular basis. 

Ideally this maintenance step should be included as part of an overall backup and recovery strategy for the TM1 Server. Many TM1 administrators rely solely on their IT departments’ server backups as the recovery method should they have problems with their TM1 applications. By implementing a TM1 Server specific backup of the data directory of the TM1 server, TM1 administrators would be able to recover their environments quickly and efficiently without the need to involve their IT resources. 

This maintenance process should include three steps:

1. Save data using the TI command “SaveDataAll.”
2. Create backup of the data directory through a windows batch file and a file compression utility called from a TI process.
3. Clear old server logs through a windows batch file called from a TI process. 

Each step can be developed in an individual TI process then scheduled to run in a chore. 

Mary is a member of the Budgeting and Forecasting team.